Varmitgetter UK will beat the price of ANY rodent blaster on the market! Contact us today for the best deal available!

Fed up with rabbits destroying your crop..?
Rabbit warrens causing livestock problems..?
Mole Hills everywhere..?
Varmitgetter UK
is the perfect solution to rabbit and mole problems. Most pest control services remove the pest – but stop there. Old burrows / runs are soon re-inhabited. With Varmitgetter you can now get rid of the pest’s habitat quickly…
Varmitgetter UK supplies a system that has been tried and tested and that has been designed to be robust, safe, fit for purpose and affordable. We are the only distributors of the original Varmitgetter across the UK and Europe.

Our unique system, which we call the Varmitgetter, has separate gas and electrical lines. This leads to many benefits, including:

1. Safety… There is no gas supply in the burrow when you ignite
2. Robust… Due to the simplicity of the design, the system no longer takes the full force of the blast.

What makes the Varmitgetter even better is that because of it’s simplicity you can buy it now and have it shipped to your door!